Motor vehicle crashes account for high economic loss and societal impact for residents of the OKI region. Impacts include loss of life, decreased quality of life due to injuries, lost productivity, medical and legal costs, and property damages. The data below shows five-year averages (2009-13 and 2010-14) of fatalities and injuries along with crash rates per 100 million vehicle miles traveled for all public roads in the OKI region.


 10-14 annual average
11-15 annual average
Fatality Rate.52.57
Fatality Crashes112114
Serious Injuries1,2021,156
Serious Injury Crashes990958
Serious Injury Rate4.194.13

Crash Rate Data Throughout the Region

Bike and Pedestrian

Bicyclists and pedestrians account for 14% of all transportation related fatalities. The vulnerability of bicyclists and pedestrians, coupled with the increasing popularity of bicycling, contributes to this important safety concern. The data below shows five-year annual averages (2009-13 and 2010-14) of crashes, injuries and fatalities along all public roads in the OKI region.


09-13 annual average
10-14 annual average
Bicycle Crashes219219
Bicycle Fatalities12
Bicycle Serious Injuries2625
Pedestrian Crashes569586
Pedestrian Fatalities1516
Pedestrian Serious Injuries110111
Bicycle and Pedestrian Fatalities1718
Bicycle and Pedestrian Serious Injuries137136
Percent of all Transportation Serious Injuries from Bicyclists or Pedestrians
Percent of all Transportation Fatalities from Bicyclists or Pedestrians 14%15%

Bicycle and Pedestrian Crashes